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Damian Rogers

Damian Rogers is the Director of Program Management on

the Customer Inclusion Team for Fidelity Investments. The

Customer Inclusion Team aims to improve financial

outcomes for diverse communities by driving inclusive

solutions, products, and services across Fidelity. He is

responsible for creating and managing the team’s overall

communication strategy and supporting the community

leads’ strategy and initiative execution. He identifies

opportunities to support Business Units across the

enterprise with developing more inclusive customer

resources. He drives the team’s alignment of internal and

external communications across the enterprise, social

media, with Plan Sponsors, plan participants and potential


Damian has been with Fidelity since 2012 and has led large scale initiatives across Workplace Investments, Advanced Process Solutions and at the enterprise level. He has served the Black and Latino Employee Resources Group for nine years across two regions, internationally and as

the Global Co-chairman from 2020 – 2022 helping drive the effort to ensure Fidelity is a workplace and service provider where everyone can fully be themselves.

Damian loves to travel and has spent time on six continents for work and personal experiences. Born in Miami, Fl of Bahamian decent, he attended Florida International University and earned a bachelor’s degree in business. He moved his family to Cary, NC before settling in Fort Worth, TX with his wife and four kids.

Damian Rogers
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