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Second Place - Drawing

Kermit Jenkins

Kermit began to love art at a very early age where the enjoyment of assembling model toys, drawing, and paint by numbers was the center of his artistic hobby.

During his years in elementary school, he was one of the four best artists in his class. The passion and execution of his artwork continued into Jr. and Sr. High School where he remained one of the top artists of his class. He continued his artistic talent by majoring in Art at East Texas State University where he compiled several portfolios and works of art.

Over the years, Kermit’s work has been entered into a few art shows, including the Fort Worth Links’ Lawn Art Show, where he won Ribbon Awards. A few of his pieces have also been displayed at the Dr. Marion Brooks Art Show in Fort Worth. One of Kermit’s portrait paintings won Best of Show and 1st Place two consecutive years at the AT&T annual employee Arts & Crafts Show in Mesquite, TX. Many of his art pieces have been sold throughout the years.

Kermit put his passion for painting and drawing on the back burner spending time working, being a husband and family man, raising his two sons, and dedicating most of his spare time singing (another God given talent). However, upon his retirement, the artist was inspired to relaunch his painting career and display some of his many works done in the past, as well as current/new works.

Project Gallery

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