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Honorable Mention - Digital

Demetri Cotton

Demetri showed an interest in art at a very early age. As a child, his mother took an art class through the mail, and the books she had, he read. This gave him a firm foundation in understanding the principles and elements of art. After graduating from East Texas State University with a bachelor’s in fine art, Demetri taught art in the Dallas Independent School District for thirty years. All at the same high school and in the same classroom. Being retired now for seven years, Demetri continues to produce art for exhibits and commissions.

Demetri expanded his expertise in art by delving into graphic design after retirement. This has lead him to design several t-shirts, logos and also to create his personal brand for Pickleball wear. Most notably, Demetri was one of five artist selected to present to the State of Texas an initial oil painting of Ms. Opal Lee, the grandmother of Juneteenth, for which to be on display in the state capital.

Demetri’s art work is composed of abstracts, social awareness, racial dignity and religious illustrations. He works both with paint, pencil and digital.

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