Toni Jones

Toni Jones is a professional artist from Arlington, Texas.  She has painted, demonstrated and exhibited for over three decades. Toni would often sketch or paint as a child for enjoyment and comfort. Fort Worth has produced several notable artists.  Toni Jones is among such leading artists as Eddie Young, John Johnson, Jerron Caruthers, Anna Stanley Malone, Raymond Williams, Dr. Eddie McAnthony, Erma Bonner Platte and Burl Washington.

She grew up in the historic Stop Six neighborhood of Southeast Fort Worth. Educators who watered the gift and joy of art in Toni’s early life were: Mr. Carol and Mrs. McAnthony at Dunbar Elementary, Middle and High schools. 

Toni is creative in many areas such as fashion, hair and makeup and culinary arts. She has expressed her creativity in a variety of fine art expressions including ceramics, watercolor, tempura, and clay sculptures. Toni especially enjoys painting in oil and acrylic Her portfolio explores a variety of themes: landscapes, waterscapes, historic, still life’s, and abstracts. 
As a military wife, Toni would travel throughout the southeast of the United States.

"I want my expressions to invoke emotions of love and warmth.  My goal is to inspire others to see beyond the obvious and to experience my work through feelings. The use of discernible colors in my landscapes serves as my medium to convey my deep inner feelings of freedom. I am excited by contrasting perceptions of our shared world recognizing that each person sees and feels something unique to them as they encounter my artistic expressions.  Of course, that is the inherent beauty of art." 

- Toni Jones

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