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Amarey Vacuum

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Amarey A800 vacuum is designed to intelligently navigate and clean your entire room. Four cleaning modes, which include automatical, spot, max vacuum, edge cleaning. are selectable to meet your different needs. Amarey robot vacuum has a super thin figure, which allow it to go underneath your couches, beds and closets to clean hidden dust and garbage. A800 will return to its charging dock automatically when the battery is low or after job is finished. When it's fully charged, it can keep cleaning for 100 minutes. The robot vacuum contains 3-layer filter A800, including washable pre-filter, sponge and high-efficiency filter, which helps to constrain garbage in its dust bin. Besides, this robot vacuum is dedicated to making your home a clean place to live. Comparing with traditional product, it's fairly quiet when working. Besides, the customizable cleaning schedule can save your time .

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