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Noin Rivera


Noin Rivera


Born in Arecibo Puerto Rico, Noin begins his studies in art while in high school. In
1989, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in biology from the Catholic University of
Puerto Rico. In 2002, he obtained his M.F.A from the Interamerican University of
San Germán.

His thesis focused on childhood memories of the traditional toys of Puerto Rico.
Therefore, tricycles and toy tops were a recurring subject in his work.
Noin worked as an art professor at the Interamerican University of Arecibo for nine
years. While his artistic career is based on Puerto Rico, his work has participated
in collective exhibitions in Miami, New York and Chicago, prior to moving to Texas
with his wife.

In Texas, he’s had the opportunity to participate in exhibitions such as the Boricua
Art Exhibit in San Antonio, Conception arts in Dallas and has participated in
festivals such as the Goggle art fest of Fort Worth and Bedford art fest.
He currently explores a variety of subjects in his paintings influenced by the new
surroundings, exposure to new cultures which give birth to a new phase in his
artwork without losing his Caribbean essence.

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