Carrie Hunt

Texan-born Carrie Hunt lives and practices her art in Fort Worth, Texas. She has BFA degree in
Advertising Art with post graduate study in figure representation and metal smithing. Her graphic
arts background informs her artworks with crisp, arresting images that reflect the African
American heritage. Her figurative paintings and drawings consist of subject matter that explores
and questions ideals of beauty, race, and gender in an historical context juxtaposed against
prevalent yet evolving norms.


Her artworks begin with a concept and supposition stemming from the female gaze and she builds a visual narrative by adding iconic imagery and motifs that amplify the message of each piece. The overarching ideal of her art is to celebrate the dignity, heritage and beauty of African American culture and spirit in contrast with historical motives that are in opposition.

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Hope’s Serenity


Silent Sentry